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Monday, July 5, 2010

I wanted to do one last update on Mauricio's uncle and say thanks for all the kind comments and prayers. I so appreciate them.

The burial was heartbreaking but beautiful. There were well over a hundred people in attendance even though the cemetery was about an hour's drive away. The location was beautiful with lots of plants and flowers. And the day was just gorgeous. By the time the burial was wrapping up, the sun was starting to go down and everything just looked so peaceful and beautiful. A musical group from the Church came and we sang some worship songs. The uncle sang along with all of his heart, waving two white roses above his head. Workers from the cemetery took care of moving around the larger coffin, but several women from the Church gingerly carried the baby's tiny white coffin.

The Church service last night was very special as well. Someone put together a slideshow of photos and even videos of the aunt and little girl. Several of the younger people in the Church dedicated songs or dances to the aunt and then everyone had a time of praise & worship. The most touching moment was when the aunt's father and husband joyfully danced together to a song about being on the way to Heaven. They had tears in their eyes but huge grins on their faces. The uncle then announced the pastoral couple that'll be taking over the Church for awhile and appointed a new assistant pastor and a women's pastor. The aunt had already chosen this women as a replacement in case anything ever happened to her.

The children are all doing much better. The littlest one has had a few times of crying and sadness, which was probably good for her, but now seems to be content and happy. The older girl is having the most difficult time emotionally, but is supposed to be released from the hospital today and will probably feel so much better at home with her dad and siblings. These past few days have given me so much hope. The sadness and grief is definitely still there, but it's far overshadowed by joy and faith and hope.

Thank you again for all the prayers and kind words.
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