Veggie French Bread PIzza

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For my cooking post this week I made Veggie French Bread Pizza. While I'm sure this isn't an original idea, I don't have a recipe to link back to because I just kind of make it up as I go! This is a very nutritious and yummy meal :)

I started out making pizza sauce using this recipe.

While the recipe doesn't say to, I decided to mix the ingredients over heat. I also used real, chopped up tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, so heating was kind of essential.


After the tomatoes were mushy enough, I added in the spices and flavorings, including


sugar and oregano. I love opening my bottle of oregano because it just smells like pizza to me! :)

Once the sauce was ready, I spread it onto several pieces of French Bread, split in half.


I then prepared some veggies. I only had broccoli, peppers, and green beans that day, but I've made this before with many more veggies and it's much tastier (and prettier!). Corn and mushroom were the two I most wished for when I put this together.


Then the veggies went on top of the pieces of bread with some cheese sprinkled on top and I put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. No photos of this, sorry.

And that's it!


These are surprisingly tasty and of course very healthy. I'd like to find some whole grain french bread - or something similar - to make it that much healthier. Mauricio loves these which is kind of a miracle since meat is such a staple in Bolivia! :)
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