Macro Friday: Week 38

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blogging from BoliviaI cannot believe I allowed an entire week to pass without posting anything on my blog! Good thing I’ve got Macro Friday forcing me to post today! In my defense, I was sick with some sort of stomach bug at the beginning of the week and that kind of threw my whole schedule.

Before getting down to business, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Deb Duty Photography. After we tried out the new link-up last week, Deb emailed me and offered to pay for a year subscription to the old linky so that we could all continue to use and enjoy it. I was blown away by her generosity and thoughtfulness! I encourage you all to click on over to her blog to check out some of her amazing work! THANK YOU, DEB!!!

Alright, now onto Macro Friday. Last week's winner was Looking for Strawberries. She chose this week's winner. Congrats to...


Make sure to click over and see her great macro shots! Susan, you'll get to choose this week's winner. Email me your choice sometime before next Friday!

As I was putting lunch on the table a few days ago I couldn’t help but notice that the broccoli was just so green. A rich, rejuvenating green. I love it when vegetables are beautiful colors! So of course I set one of the broccoli aside to photograph after lunch.

macro broccoli 2

That's what any normal person would do, right? :)

Looking forward to your shots!

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