The Wedding

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I finally had time to take a look at the photos from the wedding! I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to get a post up about it. (I'm quite busy with something exciting that I'll be sharing tomorrow!)

I'm afraid this may be a bit of a letdown. The wedding didn't go exactly as expected. Regardless, the bride was beautiful and the couple looked adorable that night.


As I had talked about, Mauricio and I were supposed to be the witnesses. This has been Mauricio's best friend literally since birth, so it was only natural. Unfortunately, the photocopies of our IDs didn't arrive in time and the notary made them choose new witnesses. (And as far as I know, the photocopies never did arrive and must have gotten lost in the "mail" - bummer!). That wasn't really a huge letdown though. This way I'd get to observe the wedding from a bit more of a distance!

But then the night of the wedding it started sprinkling about an hour before it was scheduled to begin. The sprinkles quickly became rain and within seconds it was pouring the kind of rain that forces me to remember how close we are to the Amazon and monsoons.

The huge outdoor field where the wedding was to be held flooded and everything was crammed inside a small house. The notary was postponed a few hours since no guests would show up in the rain.

Finally, around 10:00 at night, the ceremony began. It was very short and to the point, but still sweet. The notary read some legal stuff, the couple signed a few documents, and then the rings and kiss were exchanged! I don't have any photos of this because I was taking video.

But here's the bride afterwards. She looked just gorgeous! :)


After that, we enjoyed a festive reception with dinner, toasts, and dancing.

Mauricio and his mom:


All in all, it was a very small, but sweet wedding. Not too much different from a civil ceremony in the States. Now I'm just waiting for the next person to get married and have a huge, traditional Catholic wedding. That, I hear, is quite the experience! :)
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