Of Lunch & Love

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few weeks ago I was trying to make stir fry* for lunch, but kept getting distracted by work (I work from home). So I told Mauricio to just watch the stove so that nothing burned.

*a version of stir fry, anyway. definitely not comparable to my mom's stir fry!

He went ahead and finished the stir fry and has gone on to make it a few times since.


It's kind of become his specialty. I don't know which part I like better: the deliciousness of the stir fry or the fact that he cooks for me. :)

As long as I'm bragging about him, can I just go ahead and mention that he recently had a very important presentation in his university? That his groups' presentation was the best of his class and they went on to present it for some big event at the U?

And that he looked completely handsome and professional for the event? (even if I took the photo before he straightened his tie and in less than ideal lighting conditions)

Cause he did. :)
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