In Which I Reveal One of My Weaknesses: Decision Making

Friday, November 12, 2010

As I excitedly announced a few days ago, I'm moving! While moving day isn't until November 27th, I'll get the key this Saturday and can start cleaning and painting before moving anything in.

I am SO excited to paint and adorn and decorate! But I'm kind of at a standstill on choosing the primary paint color. I have to decide by tomorrow morning and I keep going back and forth.

Would YOU like to help me choose?! :)

Something to keep in my mind are the floors: white tile. I love them. I mean, they're not the hardwood floors I dream of, but that's not entirely practical in Bolivia. But these tiles are really lovely and the pure whiteness keeps my options open.

My heart is already set on my primary accent color.

choc brown

I wouldn't want to paint entire walls in brown or use it in huge amounts, but I love it as an accent. According to my instincts, delicious chocolate brown would nicely accent the following colors:

sky blue

pale pink

pale green

tropical teal

So those are essentially my options for painting the walls.

Now my first choice would definitely be the pink. If I were painting a nursery, that is. I adore chocolate brown and light pink together, but it just doesn't seem appropriate for an entire apartment, you know? Definitely a nursery or child's room, maybe even a bathroom, but not an entire apartment.

So that narrows it down to the blue, green, and teal. While I do like brown and green together (hence my blog colors!), there's something holding me back. I'm not entirely sure what it is, though. Maybe it would feel a little too earthy? Or maybe a little too serene? Whatever it is, I'm convinced that the brown/green color scheme should be left for my blog only.

Which leaves us with blue or teal.

I can. not. decide.

color scheme for blog

I keep leaning way, way towards the teal. But then all of a sudden I'll become convinced that it's going to look like toothpaste on the wall.

So then I change my mind to the blue, but am worried that it'll be too boring.

What I really need is to find a nice throw pillow or vase or something with more or less these colors. That would serve as the inspiration and decision-maker. But I looked and looked and couldn't find anything suitable. The closest I came was a teal colored silicone cutting board and it just wasn't very inspiring.

So here, my dear readers, is where I'd LOVE your help! What do YOU think would look great with chocolate accents and white floors? Teal? Blue? Something entirely different?

The sky's the limit here. I just know I want BOLD - no white or cream walls for me! And probably something BRIGHT because it's a pretty small apartment.

So, what do you say?! :)
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