Monday, October 18, 2010

Life in Bolivia feels pretty normal to me. It's been more than eight years since my feet first touched Bolivian soil and well over a year since I moved here. Most days I forget that I'm not a Bolivian! So I always appreciate the reminders of how different life here actually is. It's kind of fun to see that fresh outlook again.

This week's theme over at I Heart Faces was a perfect reminder of that. The theme is "In the Orchard." Fall is the season for apple orchards and pumpkin patches and harvest. Well, we don't have any of those in Bolivia and it isn't even autumn here. But I noticed that the rules say that it's okay to "use a photo that includes a human face and some type of orchard fruit – anything from a tree or bush would be fine." And then I remembered this photo:


Bolivia may not have apple orchards, but we DO have papaya trees! :)

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