Macro Friday: Week 22

Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging from BoliviaI am so glad that it’s Friday! I’m ready for the weekend and for your spectacular macro shots! If you’re new here (or if you’d like a refresher), check out the Macro Friday page for the “rules” and the button.

Last week's winner was Captivus Living. She chose this week's winner. Congrats to...


Head on over to check out her beautiful photo! Bridget, you'll get to choose this week's winner. Email me your choice sometime before next Friday!

Before continuing, I should warn you that I’ve written a small novel here today. So if you’re not big on reading, just go ahead and scroll down to the Linky! :)

Okay folks, I’m about to commit what may be known as a blogging faux pas. I’m using a recycled photo this week. But I have an excuse and recycling is good, right?! :)

Here’s the thing. When I first moved to Bolivia in May 2009, I immediately began applying for a one-year residency visa. It was a long, arduous task that probably raised my blood pressure for life. But after months of waiting and running all over the city getting paperwork together, I became the proud owner of a one-year residency visa.

This year, in an attempt to avoid raising my blood pressure even more, I began the task of renewing my visa quite early. In June, in fact. And now here we are – October 22 – and I still have nothing to show for it. This round has been even more difficult and expensive than the last. The immigration office finally accepted all of my paperwork on September 1st and sent it off to the capitol for final approval. I was told to come back in a week or two to pick it up. Seven weeks later they continue to tell me to come back “next week.”

Well this week I was convinced that it would be ready. So convinced and excited, that I planned to take my macro shot for today of the visa sticker. So I went to immigration yesterday and dutifully waited in line for an hour and 45 minutes only to be told “come back next week.”

I considered having a break down right there in the immigration office but, thankfully, decided against it. So I came home, macro-photo-less, to search my archives for a macro photo to recycle.


This is a shot I took and posted quite a while ago. So I touched up the editing a bit and am using it today!

Now that my novel is over, I want to see your macro shots! :)

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