The Delete Button

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've learned time after time to never delete a photo without letting it sit on my computer for awhile. So often I'll dislike a photo or think it didn't turn out well, only to come back a few weeks later and see it from a new perspective.


Like this one.

When I took this I was just playing around with my camera out of sheer boredom. I do that sometimes. (A lot of times.)

I was sitting on someone's sofa facing their coffee table and large, curtained window just passing the time. I planned to delete the photos directly from my camera, but completely forgot until they were already loaded into my Lightroom Album. And now a few weeks later I decided to edit it just to see. And I kind of like it! It's not my favorite photo ever, but I'm also glad I didn't just hit the delete button.

And for the record, the flowers were completely fake.
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