Macro Friday: Week 11

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogging from BoliviaWelcome back to Macro Friday! I'm glad to have you here :)

I never heard back from last week's winner, so I decided to go ahead and choose the next winner. Congrats to...


Go check out her COLORFUL macro shot! Ashley, you'll get to choose this week's winner. Email me your choice sometime before next Friday!

Moving on to this week... participating is easy, just put a macro photo on YOUR blog with a link to me so others can play along, then come back to MY blog to link up (below)! You have all weekend to enter (now through Sunday at midnight). You can include as many photos as you'd like in your post, but select and specify just one as an entry for voting.

Grab a button here, if you'd like:
Blogging from Bolivia

My macro shot:

apple macro 580

If this were a face or a person, the lighting would bug me. But because it's just an apple, I found the dark to light kind of neat. And I loved the rich color of this apple. I, of course, ate it right after taking the photo! Yum!

Okay, now it's your turn!

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