Huevos Criollos

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last week I bought huevos criollos in the market. It was very exciting. Huevos are eggs and criollo just means that they're completely natural. No companies involved. No hormones in the hens that laid the eggs. No pasteurizing or anything else. Both of Mauricio's grandmother's have hens that lay eggs, so I get to eat criollo eggs when I'm at either of their houses. And they're so much more flavorful and delicious! So I was very excited to come across an older man sitting on the curb at the market with a basket of criollo eggs.

huevitos criollo

He convinced me to buy 30 of them and was visibly excited when I agreed. It probably made his day. Which is good because it made mine too.

| This photo was submitted to B&W Wednesday at The Long Road to China. |
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