Bolivian Food: Milanesa de Pollo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been far too long since I've done a post about food in Bolivia. To make up for it, I have one for today and another for tomorrow or the weekend.

Milanesa de pollo is one of my favorite foods to eat in Bolivia. Granted, it's not a particularly "Bolivian" food, but it's certainly a staple. Milanesa is essentially breaded meat.

milanesa de pollo en bolivia

It can come in either of two varieties: de carne (meat) or de pollo (chicken). To make it, you simply soak the flattened meat or chicken in egg, cover it in bread flour, and lightly fry it on the stove top. Simple and delicious!

Mauricio made milanesa de pollo for our lunch today and I made the obligatory rice and salad. No Bolivian meal is complete without rice!


In case you're wondering, YES, carbohydrates account for a large percentage of the Bolivian diet. Along with salt, oil, and fat. This is a huge concern for me and I try to combat it where I can... using low-fat oil, baking rather than frying, making rice with just water and no oil, etc. Fortunately, vegetable salads are almost always included in meals and Bolivia is full of fresh fruits!
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