The Hairy Moth-Bat in the Bathroom

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bolivia has these oversize moths that I like to refer to as bats. Like sometimes I'll go to Mauricio and tell him "I wanted to take a shower but there's a bat in my bathroom and he won't fly out the door." He'll usually go check it out and roll his eyes, telling me for the thousandth time that it's a moth.

I'm not really scared of it or grossed out, but it's just so big that it's a nuisance. If it wants to fly around outside, that's fine with me. But when I've got shampoo in my hair and my eyes closed, I don't want to be concerned that it's going to land on my shoulder.

Would you care to see this moth?


See? I told you it was big and bat-like!

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