My Newfound Treasure

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Several months ago I lent money to a woman that rents a room in the same house as myself. She was meant to pay it back week by week for just a month. But seven months later, I’ve only received half of the original amount. She must have more financial problems than just that, because she’s now being kicked out of the house for not paying rent.

The good news is that she’s leaving me something to make up for the money that she owes me.

Can you tell what it is yet?

An oven and stove is high on my list of “things that I must buy before I can move to a new house.” In case I haven’t made it clear enough yet, I’m in the process of trying to rent a house. I currently just rent a room, but I’m dying to have a private bathroom and my own kitchen.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s filthy and missing parts and tiny. It’s kind of disgusting, in fact. And to tell you the truth, the oven part may not even be fully functional. But that’s the pessimistic view. The optimistic view is that my little stove/oven is bountifully more than what I had hours before (nothing).

And if anyone doubts my ambition and ability to completely restore my newfound treasure, stay tuned for “after” pictures coming sometime soon!
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