Of Puppies & Flooding

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night a bit of a cold front came through, bringing heavy rain with it. Though it was perfect weather for sleeping, I kept waking up to cries and whimpering from the newborn puppies. I finally got up and went outside to check on them. One little guy had fallen out of the dog house and was wriggling around on the quickly flooding patio. I think my heart broke a little when I saw him there, about the size of a child’s hand and absolutely soaking wet. I made sure he was dry and warm and then returned him to his mother and siblings.

I truly felt bad for the little puppy, but as I lay in bed afterwards I thought about how much worse it must be for humans in similar situations.

Imagine a young family, water slowly seeping into their home.

Imagine an elderly woman, cold rain chilling her to the bone.

Imagine a newborn baby, huge raindrops wetting his face and crib.

As horrible as it is, these scenarios are reality for many people in the world. I’ve blogged about the flooding in Bolivia before and I probably will again. It’s so easy to push things like flooding, hunger, homelessness, and sickness under the rug and pretend that they don’t exist. Or to recognize that they are real, but keep a distance from them. After all, who wants to sit around thinking about the bad things in this world?

But after seeing a community where this is reality, after meeting the victims, seeing the children’s faces, hearing the stories... I cannot be indifferent.

Though there are many, many ways to help the people that are suffering in this world, I am simply challenging you to pray for them. Let’s pause for a moment and put ourselves in their shoes and then plead with God on their behalf.


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Crayon Wrangler said...

This was the 1st entry of yours I ever read and I fell in love with your writer's voice and the puppies!!


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