The Bolivian Zoo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yesterday afternoon Mauricio and I went to the Santa Cruz zoo. It has a wide variety of animals and all are native to Bolivia. I had great plans of taking photos of everything, but then someone called me on my cell phone (which is also my camera) and used up almost all of the battery. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few shots.

This guy really liked to have his photograph taken. After I had moved on to see the next animal, he came over to the side of his pen and stuck his head out.



He also had quite an attitude.

After walking a few feet away to take a full-body photo, this was the look I got.


The llama was enjoying the breeze blowing in her thick coat (I decided it looked feminine and was therefore a girl).



The tortoises seemed to be going somewhere in a hurry - they were marching along in a line to one side of their pen. But this one obliged me and stopped for a quick photo.


The entire atmosphere of the zoo was very natural and beautiful. I thought some of the cages were a little too small, but at least they mimicked the animals' natural environments.



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