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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas has officially begun! Yesterday when Mauricio got home from class he told me to NOT look in his backpack, obviously making me desire to do that very thing. He kept saying things about not looking all through dinner and I kept attempting to get a hold of it. Finally, he told me to look and after checking in a few of the empty pockets I opened up another and found a photoshop disc! I am so excited!

I have been telling him practically daily for a few months now how much I need photoshop, so I kind of knew it was coming, but that did nothing to dampen my delight! The disc he bought comes with the most recent version of photoshop as well as all the older versions... and they in are both Spanish and English! So, the first Christmas gift has been given (that's actually a lie, I had already given him his gift early as well because it was something he needed) and I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit despite the 90 degree weather!

However, today I'm falling asleep at my desk after staying up past midnight playing with photoshop. I broke it in by creating the buttons at the top of this blog and I hope to get some good photos for editing this weekend. Now if only my camera wasn't also my cell phone... :)

- - - - - - - - - -

As a side note, my refrigerator IS in working order once again. I realized that I never made any mention of it again after it initially broke... A technician came and took it away for a very, very long time, but it is now back and keeping things cool.

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