Introducing Mauricio

Friday, December 18, 2009

My boyfriend plays a significant role in my life and pops up in my blog often. He also has to put up with me talking to him about my blog and my photos and everything else that I do on the internet. So I figure that it’s time that I officially introduce him…

Without further ado, I present Mauricio.


No, his job has nothing to do with bananas. I took this photo at a cool restaurant that serves typical Bolivian food. On the contrary, he studies Electronic Engineering in a private university here in Santa Cruz. Rather than trying to come up with a synopsis describing him, I’ve created a list of the 10 most important things about Mauricio.

1. His family is one of the most important things in the world to him, especially his mom.

2. He gave his life to God years ago at a camp with his Christian school.

3. He loves to tinker with anything electronic. He can often be found sitting at the table with tiny little parts surrounding him as he puts something together. Or takes it apart.

4. His family comes from a small, rural village called El Carmen and he loves it there. He likes to fish and hunt and visit all of his relatives.

5. He loves to eat. He would probably tell you that his favorite foods are meat and ice cream, but certainly not together!

6. He’s very laid back and content. He doesn’t really complain about much and just “goes with the flow.”

7. He is absolutely, 100% obsessed with The Simpsons. That and the news are things that he watches on TV without fail.

8. He’s had the same best friend since he was born and I think they would do anything for each other.

9. He really likes kids and they love him. He has several nieces and nephews that love spending time with him.

10. He’s a great boyfriend and I’m pretty much crazy about him! :)

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