The House of God

Friday, December 18, 2009

I’m not Catholic and I’m not about to get into a discussion of the Catholic Church or any other denominations of Christianity. But I do find the influence of the Catholic Church in South America very interesting.


This is the prominent Catholic Church in the center of Santa Cruz, one of the largest cities in Bolivia. Virtually all South American cities have a large and ornate Cathedral. While corruption is highly present in Bolivia and other countries in Latin America, funding is always available for the Catholic Church. Rather it’s a large city, or a small village that cannot afford much, but provides what it can.


The influence of the Church is strong, accompanied with both pros and cons. But the one thing that does not seize to fascinate and amaze me is how the house of God is so prominently and proudly displayed in the cities of Latin America. I’ve never attended a Catholic Church in Bolivia, I go to an evangelical one, but I do appreciate the constant reminder of the grandiose power of God. And if humans can create such beautiful Cathedrals, just imagine what God’s home in Heaven must be like.


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Lisa said...

love these photos!! so cool.

Lisa said...

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