Macro Friday: Week 52

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging from BoliviaHey all! Welcome back to Macro Friday! :) I was so excited to see that so many of you entered photos last week even though I wasn't around!

I've had two very busy weeks now... The first spent in Minnesota visiting my family!! It was a long overdue trip and a perfect week. Well, a perfect week with a not so perfect end. My plans to share photos and tell you about the trip this week flew out the window when my computer got a terrible virus and my planes were delayed - more on that later!

Moving on to Macro... We don't have a winner to announce this week, so let's just get right down to business. I'll choose a winner for next week and then we'll just continue as normal from there.

I took my macro shot of one of my favorite gifts from my parents in the States...


...a Kindle! :) I love to read. I love the feel of a book in my hands and the smell of freshly printed paper. So I also brought as many books back with me as possible. But space and weight restrictions keep me from bringing a large enough supply, so the Kindle is the perfect solution for me. I'm so excited to read freely without rationing my books! :)

Looking forward to your shots!

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