People Watching

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everyone enjoys some good old fashioned People Watching from time to time, right?

I had a visitor the other afternoon who seemed to enjoy it.

IMG_5127 small

I had washed my sheets and hung them over the balcony railing to dry. My visitor spent a good hour perched on my pillowcase, just watching the people go by.

IMG_5125-2 small

It was a beautiful day, so I joined him for a bit. Watching cars cruising past, pedestrians strolling along, and students getting out of school.


I was actually kind of sad when he eventually disappeared, evidently bored of watching the passerbyers.

IMG_5107 small


I have one more photo of this bug to share, but I'm saving it for tomorrow. So check back in the morning for Macro Friday!
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