teal & chocolate

Monday, January 17, 2011

My apartment is gradually transforming into a home with personality. Things like the ironing board with a tablecloth over it that serves as my desk or the complete and entire lack of anything on the walls (minus paint, of course) are what keep from taking and sharing more photos. :)

But I've made some progress this past week and have a sprinkling of photos to prove it! The description of each photo is at the very bottom.


1. my dancing curtain, softly embracing the new sofa - 2. the chocolate & teal combination that I am so in love with - 3. a slightly broader view of the living room & balcony door

4 & 5. the door separating my bedroom & the living room has a door with glass window panes. when I stand in my bedroom I can see the entire living room reflected in the glass :)

6. extremely small kitchens call for drastic storage measures... measuring cups hanging on the window pane: check - 7. another view of the back wall & door


I must admit I'm loving how its turning out. I feel so at home. :)

p.s. Please excuse the plastic blue table intruding in one of the photos. It's temporary. Also, the gold curtains came with the apartment and I had planned to replace them, but they've kind of grown on me. What do you think?
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