Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last weekend as I was blowing up party balloons at a cousin's house, I glanced out the window and saw something that made me immediately reach for my camera.


Three little cousins happily playing together. So sweet. (Actually, the boys are cousins and the girl is technically their aunt, but that's irrelevant!)


I tried to be discreet so that they'd keep playing and not pose for me. It must have worked because they didn't even notice me until halfway through!


The little girl is Juliana, one of the kids that survived the tragic accident a few months ago. I love to see her smile.


One of the boys (the one right above) is my my new godson, Andrés. And the other is his cousin Carlitos.


They were playing with the set of automobiles that Mauricio and I gave to Andrés after his baptism. I think it's a really neat set. It includes an ambulance, fire truck, and even an airplane.


I thought it was cute that they were playing on the surface of a chair.


As I was watching them, the clown arrived for the Birthday party and they all took off running at lightening speed. I was amused watching Andrés trying to decide rather to go along or put his brand new toys back in his room. It involved a few times of running halfway across the yard and then dashing back before he decided to put them away. Good choice! :)
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