Cochabamba: Day 4 (La Bolivianita)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Most of my photos from Cochabamba are of flowers. The house I was staying at had a lovely garden and was located on a beautiful street full of flowering trees and plants, so it was only natural to photograph it all.

This flower is especially interesting, though. It's called the "bolivianita" - the little Bolivian.


Take a look at the Bolivian flag...

(photo courtesy Google Images)

...notice the resemblance? Pretty neat if you ask me! :)


And for a bit of interesting history, I'll share what I learned when volunteering in a Bolivian kindergarten classroom a few years ago. The RED part of the Bolivian flag symbolizes the blood shed by Bolivian people to gain independence. The YELLOW represents Bolivia's mineral wealth. And the GREEN alludes to the plants and flowers and rainforest of Bolivia.
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