Cochabamba: Day 3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cochabamba is home to Bolivia's Jesucristo - a huge statue of Jesus Christ. He's up in the mountains and can be seen from almost anywhere in Cochabamba. I didn't get a chance to go up to the statue this last weekend, but I did take some shots from far away.


It's tempting to just stop this post now and allow you to believe that this photo is straight out of the camera, but I'd feel like I was lying. This is a heavily edited combination of two photos.

[To see the originals and what I did with them, click on "read more"]

I tried and tried to get a great photo of the Jesucristo all weekend, but the air in Bolivia is full of smoke right now, so the photos were all kind of... yuck.

Like this one (the original):

So I upped the contrast to make it much more dramatic and used a different photo taken shortly afterwards to create a better background.

Original of that photo:

I used CS5 to combine the photos and Lightroom to do some final editing. :)


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