The Almost Birthday Girl!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I have quite a few photos from a Birthday party last weekend. But until I have time to edit the rest, I wanted to share just one.


Clarita has grown up a lot since the first time I posted about her on my blog.

Her first Birthday is in exactly a week! She loves walking, playing in the dirt, and her older brother Andrés. :)

Next weekend will be a big deal for both of them. Clarita's Birthday party will be on Sunday and Andres' baptism is on Saturday! His parents have asked Mauricio and me to be his Padrino and Madrina of baptism (godfather & godmother) - I'm honored and excited! I'll have to write more about this after the actual event. On Tuesday and Thursday we have to attend short classes to learn more about the baptism, and on Wednesday we'll take Andrés to buy his little outfit. Exciting! :)
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