Macro Friday: Week 3

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogging from BoliviaWelcome back to Macro Friday! Thanks to everyone that entered and voted last week. All of the photos were beautiful!

The winner of last week's Macro Friday was...


Congrats! Your strawberry shot was perfect! Your link will go up on my sidebar until next Friday. (And don't be afraid to continue participating even though you won!)

Moving on to this week... participating is easy, just put a macro photo on YOUR blog with a link to me so others can play along, then come back to MY blog to link up (below)! You have all weekend to enter (now through Sunday at midnight).

You can include as many photos as you'd like in your post, but select and specify just one as an entry for voting.

Voting will begin on Monday and is open to EVERYONE (even people that don't submit a photo)! Just leave a comment sometime next week saying which photo you liked best!

Grab a button here, if you'd like:
Blogging from Bolivia

Without further ado...

macro worm

...a tiny worm-like creature appeared on my floor this week and was quickly ushered outside for a photo shoot! Unfortunately, he wasn't very cooperative. The photo above is the only one where he didn't move his head in the split second where my shutter closed.

These other photos demonstrate how he had a knack for blurring his face out. But I like these two shots because the first shows his entire body and the second shows his many little legs.

macro worm-1

macro worm-2

Have fun!

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