Puppies in the Market

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last weekend I went to the mercado to look for some comfy sandals. While I didn't end up buying any, I found something else that caught my attention.

It was getting dark outside when a woman and some girls sat down in busy part of the mercado, setting several baskets on the ground. I didn't notice at first, but as a crowd began to form I stepped closer and saw that the baskets were full of PUPPIES! I'm not sure what kind they were, but they were very tiny, furry, and adorable. The woman was selling them for $20 each.

My heart immediately ordered me to buy one. Mauricio, acting as my common sense, said that wasn't a good idea. Okay fine.

But then the woman thrust one of the little black ones into my arms. When I spoke, he turned his head up to look at me and stuck out his little pink tongue. Once again, my heart screamed OKAY I'LL TAKE HIM while Mauricio shook his head. I reluctantly handed him back to the woman.

She then told me that they weren't going to grow much more, showing me with her hands how small they would stay. As she held a grey one out to me she said "you won't regret this." My heart quickly said "You're right, I will not regret this! I'm going to buy one!" But Mauricio just laughed.

After about 10 minutes of my heart saying that I must buy one and my common sense saying that I was crazy, I dragged myself away from the baskets of puppies, empty handed. I suppose that anytime a sales person says "you won't regret this" and promises that your puppy won't grow, it's a bad idea. But still, the puppies were CUTE.
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