Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photography has quickly gone from being one of many interests to a more time-consuming hobby to an outright passion. I have come to feel “at home” behind my camera and spend hours and hours engrossed in editing. In short, I love it.

But it’s easy to get too comfortable taking the same kinds of photos of the same kinds of things and editing them similarly. And that eventually leads to boredom, not growth. So I’ve been trying to stretch myself by learning all that I can about Photoshop and cameras and by taking a wide variety of photos.

I was excited to find a new weekly blog hop, Try Something New Tuesdays at Mommy’s Camera. Each week we’re supposed to try something NEW relating to photography and then post about it (along with the photo, of course!).

One of my definite weaknesses is photos of people, so I decided to work on that this week.

I took a photo of Mauricio and tried all kinds of new editing techniques. I tried to make his eyes pop by increasing the contrast, brightness, and sharpness; I edited the skin to make it softer and more portrait-like; I edited out “blemishes”; and more!

mi mauri-1

So what do you think? I felt that it certainly turned out better than my typical portraits, but not as AMAZING as I imagined in my mind. Mauricio liked it but thought that I made him look too feminine!!
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