I ♥ Faces: Constructive Feedback Friday

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The I Heart Faces blog is hosting Constructive Feedback Friday today! This means that other bloggers can put up a post with a photo that needs work and get some feedback from their professionals!

I know I just posted this photo a few days ago, but I wanted to hear what the professionals have to say.

I don't have the original photo here on my work computer, my apologies (I can tell you off the top of my head that the aperture was f/3.4, but I don't recall the ISO or shutter speed.) The above is my edited version. I made some minor changes in Lightroom and then did editing in Photoshop CS4. I worked on cleaning up the skin, making the eyes pop, and minimizing the background.

My main issues are the lighting and the lack of character. I don't really like the shadow on the left side of the face or the bits of glare on the right side. And I feel like the photo is lacking something... some character or something unique to make it pop out!

I would so appreciate any feedback that the AMAZING photographers over at I Heart Faces have to offer. Thanks in advance!!
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