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Friday, March 19, 2010

I can recall three bug photos that I have posted semi-recently, and I have another one today. I swear I'm not a bug fanatic or anything like that. It's just that bugs in Bolivia are so much more... present. And by present I mean ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

But it's okay, aside from the hairy moth-bat, I've pretty much decided to peacefully co-reside with them. They were here first, I guess.

Anyway, this little guy was just hanging out under the table last weekend, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. After taking several photographs RIGHT in his face, he hadn't moved at all.


Deciding that he must be dead and that it would be more comfortable to take photos somewhere else, rather than flat on my stomach underneath the table, I gingerly tried to pick him up. All of a sudden he came to life and started kicking his little legs all over the place. I guess he wasn't dead, just very low-key about being photographed.

So I left him there. As long as he doesn't find a way into my sugar jar, he's fine with me.
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