Sheer Simplicity

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

“Life used to be so simple.” People say things like that all the time. Is it really true, or does it just sound nice? Are we just worn down by our daily lives and imagining that life used to be so much easier?

I would guess that if someone from those “simple times” could get a glimpse of life today – full of time-saving appliances and technology that thinks for us – they’d think it looked like a piece of cake.

Simplicity and tranquility aren’t so out of reach today. No, it’s probably not realistic to expect every minute of every day to be that way, but we can look for opportunities as they come.

Why not spend an afternoon fishing on the riverbank with your brothers?


Or set out on an adventure with your best buds?


Life is pretty complex. It used to be, it still is, and it probably always will be. All the more reason to spend an afternoon or weekend resting in simplicity.


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Momof3inVA said...

I LOVE fishing! ;)

There is something 'special' on my blog for are quite popular! ;)

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