The Dark Corners of the Kitchen

Friday, February 26, 2010

People tell me that mice and rats reside in the kitchen at the house where I live. I imagine these huge, disgusting rats with tails twice the length of their body. And then I tell myself that it's just a rumor. Sometimes I'll even convince myself that I hear them skittering around in the dark corners, but I blame it on an active mind.

Last night I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard a little squeak squeak, squeak squeak. I looked around and then laughed to myself for letting my imagination get the best of me. I continued working on dinner until I heard it again,

squeak squeak, squeak squeak,

even louder this time. I glanced towards the drain beneath the sink just in time to see a tiny mouse head pop out. We both jumped, causing the mouse to come completely out of the hole and into the kitchen. As I took a step backwards, the frightened mouse ran in the opposite direction and hid behind some large pots.

I tried to go about my business and pretend that I didn't know the mouse was hidden there. But I finally couldn't take it anymore and nudged at the pots with a broom. The mouse scurried out from his hiding place and ran directly into a plastic bag that had fallen from the garbage can. As I took a step towards him (with the broom in hand!), he must have decided to make life easier for me because he sprinted forward - directly into the bottom of the bag. I used the broom to cover the open end, covered the entire thing with a pot, and waited for Mauricio.

My plan was to direct Mauricio to the kitchen, shut the door behind him, and never again ask about the fate of the mouse. Unfortunately, he had different plans. He picked up the entire bag, mouse inside, and handed it to dog. She was more than happy to gingerly accept the bag and take off running. She freed it on the patio and spent the following ten minutes essentially scaring it to death. She herself was too afraid of it to actually take it in her mouth, but too interested to leave it alone.

After all was said and done, Mauricio and the dog went off to eat dinner, leaving the dead mouse lying on the patio. Lovely, just lovely.
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