The Carpenter

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I’m living on a construction site right now.

It means noise in the early morning and lots of dirtiness lying around. But I suppose it’s okay, because my entire life is kind of like a construction site right now. I don’t meant that in a bad way, per se; it’s just that I have so many things underway.

I’m working on changing jobs, shopping for a car to buy, and looking for a new place to rent. I just kind of rotate through them, chipping away at each, bit by bit.

I certainly know what I would like I have that part all planned out. But blueprints and construction sites are never quite the same. Paper just doesn’t translate perfectly into real life.

Fortunately, I happen to know a real great carpenter. The best, in fact. Jesus was a carpenter when he lived on the earth and is still a sort of carpenter in our lives.

He has the ultimate blueprints and knows how to execute them to perfection. Although I sometimes wish I could get a peek at his plan, I rest assured that whatever happens, He’ll be right there.

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