The 7 Little Dwarfs

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I made a reference recently to the seven dwarfs and, more specifically, Bashful. It got me thinking about those little dwarfs and their personalities.


They're dwarfs, so they're small, right? But they have these large, distinct personalities. They lived in a little cottage in the woods; they were sort of nobodies, I suppose. But to Snow White, they were all someone.


Whether it was Bashful or Happy or Sneezy, each dwarf was someone special to Snow White. I think that's kind of how we are to God. We're pretty insignificant and small in the grand scheme of things. If you think about the whole earth, the whole universe, we're kind of like little nameless dwarfs. But God knows each one of us intimately. We are each someone unique and special to him.


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