Bolivian Food: Salchipapa

Monday, January 25, 2010

Salchipapa is a favorite snack or light meal at restaurants in Bolivia. It is comprised of French fries and pieces of sausage or hot dog topped with ketchup and mayonnaise.


The salchi- part comes from salchicha, meaning sausage; and the -papa means potato, in reference to the french fries.

It’s not very healthy, so I wouldn’t eat it too often, but I enjoy it every once in awhile. Just yesterday Mauricio and I went to an ice cream place to eat salchipapa followed by a delicious banana split.

On a different, food-related note, it is the custom in Bolivia to say provecho after eating or if anyone else is eating. For example, you should say provecho as you leave the table after a meal or if you pass people eating in a restaurant. It’s considered very rude not to say it and even the littlest kids know to do so. Learning these kinds of cultural differences is so interesting!

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HD said...

That looks de-lish! Your other food posts are so interesting, especially the fish!



Anonymous said...

Salchipapas ist Peru, und nicht von Bolivien,
und das ist ein traditionelles Gericht von Peru

Anonymous said...

Use frankfurter and not sausage [ chorizo] , in the USA I use seasoned fries, and mix salsa with Mayo for the sauce.
In Bolivia my favorite place is Brosso to snack with them and to top a Copa Melba,

Anonymous said...


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