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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wish on a daily basis that I lived in this house.


It's less than a block away from my workplace, so I could say goodbye to the buses and leaving the house 45 minutes early! Plus it's in a pretty safe area and seems to be pretty secure. Oh, and it's gorgeous. The house itself looks large and spacious, it's well-kept, and the flowers and plants are amazing. Yes, every time that I walk past this house (four times a day!), I wish that it was mine.

But then again, I've seen the woman that comes out. She's always in her shiny new car, well dressed, perfect make-up. And she always scowls at me as I dare walk on the sidewalk in front of her home.

So now that I think about it, maybe I'd rather live in this house.


Sure it's small. The walls aren't freshly painted. Okay, they've never been painted. And yes, that's a cow in the front yard. But I've also seen the people that live in this house. They'll happily greet you and invite you in for a cold drink. They'll give you the best of their best and apologize for it not being "enough." They'll show you hospitality and joy that you didn't know existed.

So maybe, just maybe... I'd actually be more content in the second house.

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A few notes - Both of these homes are in Bolivia. The larger one is here in Santa Cruz, a big city, and the smaller one is in Villa Alba, a village. And you may notice an extra wall in front of the first house. Houses in Bolivia are almost always surrounded on all sides by a wall for extra protection. It's pretty much like a huge fence that's meant to prevent theft. It also adds some privacy as Bolivians spend a LOT of time outside.

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Jackiedlc said...

WOW thanks for sharing! These pictures remind me of my country- Dominican Republic.. Praise Gdo for people like you, who He equips and sends to these places of the earth to share His word..Thanks for stopping by.. and i am so excited to be a follower, your life in Bolivia seems interesting..

God Bless

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