Bolivian Food: Majau

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today when I sat down to lunch I realized that I never did another post about Bolivian food. So I took a photo of my plate:

bolivian food: majau

The actual name of this meal is majadito but here in Eastern Bolivia we tend to shorten words up, so it's simply called majau. (Pronounced mah-how)

Majau is made with seasoned rice mixed with some sort of meat. From my experience, it is most commonly with charque, a tough, dry meat kind of like beef jerky. But the meat in this photo is duck. Majau is always served with an egg on top and plátanos (fried plantains) on the side. To avoid any confusion, plantains are not the same as bananas. They're usually larger and tougher and always eaten cooked.

Majau was one of the first Bolivian foods that I loved and it is a definite staple in Eastern Bolivia.

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Que es esto ?
Nunca e comidoo yo!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....KE RIKO!!!!

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