Not ME! Monday

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

I’m usually pretty busy with work all week long, so I have quite a bit to do around the house over the weekends. Some weekends are more productive than others.

On Saturday I found a way to connect my laptop to the internet using my cell phone. It was not me that spent four hours enjoying the luxury of internet from home (not something I usually get!!) rather than cleaning up my bedroom after having it painted. I would much rather have my room put back in order than go online!

It was also not me that failed to eat anything until dinner time on Sunday because I was washing clothes (by hand!) all day long. I certainly know when to take a brief break to at least get lunch for myself and Mauricio.

And it was not me that jumped out of bed at 11:30 PM and ran outside in the rain (in my pajamas!) to pull my freshly washed clothes off the clothesline. I would have noticed the looming rain clouds before leaving my clothes to dry outside over night!

What about you?! Anything you didn’t do this weekend? Check out Mckmama’s Not ME! Monday! for more posts.
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